The Clear Quran® for Kids

The Clear Quran® for Kids is a translation of Surah Fatiha and the last 5 Juz of the Quran (Surah 1, and 49-114). It is a hardcover book, and the pages are of a high-quality glossy finish.

Each translation of a Surah starts with Learning Points followed by an illustration. The Surahs are divided into headings based on themes. In addition to that, there is a Background Story to the Surah to explain the historical context in which it was revealed, followed by Side Stories that help children understand the Surah (my six-year-old particularly enjoys these).

Words of Wisdom  I personally feel this to be the gem of the entire book. It provides answers to some of the most difficult questions asked by children. My daughter has started asking some of them, and as parents, we want to provide them with an answer that is in accordance with the Quranic teachings and also easy for them to understand.

An example of such question that my daughter has asked: “Why are there no female prophets in Islam?” I could come nowhere near the explanation The Clear Quran provided.

How is The Clear Quran® for Kids different from other translations?

The most unique aspect of this translation is that it has been edited for children, by children and reviewed by qualified school teachers and professional editors to ensure the meanings are in place. The purpose of writing this translation was for the children to be able to connect with the Quran and understand it.

The Clear Quran® for Kids Show

Ever wondered why your kids could easily spend 10 hours watching Netflix and Disney+ but wouldn't want to read a translation of the Quran for 2 minutes? Our children are visual learners, so in these 10 episodes we are able to capture the meaning of 30 surahs with beautiful stories, gems, and lessons in a creative way that our kids can understand, appreciate and relate to.

It also includes Quranic quizzes to enrich and test the knowledge of your kid, in an energetic and funny  environment, with a young host who is talented in such shows

How can you support it?

We are about to produce 10 episodes of the show, which includes 30 Surahs ( Surah Fatiha, and Surah Al-Brooj to Surah Al-Nas). 

The show will be produced in high quality with factors that will make it attractive for kids between ages 5-12. 

We need your support to give our kids a show that connects them to the Quran.

The show costs $40,000, for 10 episodes $4000 each. 

You can sponsor 1 episode or 10 or the whole show. 

You can sponsor a quarter of an episode ($1000) or more. 

Whatever you donate it will help our kids take a step forward to the Quran, build their relationship with the words of their Creator, and for every letter they read... You will be rewarded an everlasting reward!

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